Here's "Angie", a political and religious themed comic strip I created.  "Angie" never made it to syndication but was featured on political and social websites like Parcbench.com and ThePeoplesCube.com, and allowed me to become friends with writers, artists and radio hosts.  

I feel political cartoons shouldn’t reflect public opinion, but command it.  The best compliment I’ve received was from a writer who said, “You’re stuff is like a little op-ed piece, all condensed in 4 panels.”  

However, I’ve learned people rarely want to discuss issues, searching for solutions or at least consistency in their thinking.  Rather they look to antagonize others vindicating what they already feel.

So if you’re in the mood for debate, keep reading.  If you’d prefer to stay away from politics and religion, skim over the artwork.  At least you can laugh at the characters’ expressions!