Rewriting History

Anderson Cooper of CNN bashes Barbara Bachman for warping American history during her Tea Party rebuttal to President Obama's SOTU Address. She said of people arriving to America, "it didn't matter the color of their skin...their language...their economic status...once you got here, we were all the same." Coopers response was "As good as that sounds, that's simply not true, " citing Irish immigrants finding signs that read "No Irish need not apply", Japanese Americans placed in internment camps during World War II and enslaved Africans. Which lead to pointing out Washington and other founding fathers owning slaves and concluding with "we believe facts matter."

Progressives use the "Well Washington had slaves!" note to selective negate any important idea of a Founding Father and justify Leftist policy. The best reasoning came from Leftist Janeane Garofalo explaining that America was based on a sham. That rich white guys were in one room talking about freedom while they had domestic slaves, (wives) in the kitchen and societal slaves (blacks) in the field. Thus America and it's policy of small government is bad. Thus bigger government and changing what America stands for is good. Thus lumping any pro American with a slave owner is justified.

The fact is that America was founded on the idea of individual freedom. Of self-governance. Of small unobtrusive government. Her only role is to ensure individual freedom to self-govern and that no other force becomes obtrusive in civilian life.

While America was more free any other place, she still didn't have all her cards together as slavery existed at that time. But what was put in place was not just freedom, but also the idea that we the people can change, or "progress" our government to ensure freedom. Clearly slavery inhibits freedom. So in time we "progressed" and eliminated it.

That never justify health care for everyone at everyone's expense. How would a mandate be less obtrusive? How would government control promote self-governance? Equal outcome destroys freedom of choice. If all outcomes are the same, then there is no point in choosing one over the other. With choice eliminated, you have no freedom to chose your own path specific to your individual needs or even creative whims.

So we may "progress" but only in terms individualism never collectivism.

Perhaps Ms. Bachman should have said "America was founded on and stands for freedom. While we were and never are perfect, we find ourselves always in a constant struggle to preserve those principles. Our Founding Father's ideas are facts which matter. Ideas that it shouldn't matter the color of your skin, language or economic status. We are all the same." Even Anderson Cooper says this idea "sounds good." So let's "make it true". Or are progressives selective about the facts that matter?

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