Who's A Liberal?

This is a tribute to Patrick McDonnell's Mutt's character Mooch, who has a lisp and a rebuttal to my friend and political adversary Xeth Feinberg in his cartoon exclaiming a conservative doesn't believe in conservation

"Conservative" in terms of environment means to conserve our resources. Don't cut down all our trees and such. In terms of politics, it is to not use government as a solution to every problem we face.

The other reference is to George Orwell's "1984" term "Newspeak", which is to pervert the meaning of words to better control people's ideas. What you thought meant one thing, now means another. It's a way of changing history to better back an argument. It's the equivalent to saying Martin Luther King taught us we are all equal. Actually his message is for us to treat each other according to our character not color. That our actions define us not a pre-determined social standing, whether detrimental OR corrective.

Somewhere along the way, Conservative became Newspeak for war monger and Evangelicalism. It's causing me to re-think the title of Angie's 1st book… Perhaps the title should have been "Angie: A Liberty Loving Libertarian Lost in the Progressive Sea of Leftist Liberals, Statist Socialists and Relative Reds!" Perhaps for the next printing...

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