Missing the Target

Leftists want to ban 15 shot clips, thinking far less damage would have resulted if Jared Lee Loughner had fewer bullets. The reality is a person who wants to kill humans will practice switching clips faster or simply shooting more accurately, aiming for the chest or part of the head responsible for basic functions like breathing not higher functions which often can be reprogrammed. Or the next killer could learn karate to fend off good samaritans while changing clips. Why not use 2 guns, dropping the spent one to continue on your rampage "leave(ing) the gun… take(ing) the cannoli". Lastly, the potential killer would do what any Islamic terrorist who never experienced 2nd Amendment freedom and use home made bombs from everyday material to do real damage.

Legislation is never pro-active. They come after the fact. First someone tries to kill using a shoe bomb, then we remove shoes for travel. First someone breaks into the cabin of a plane to take down all souls on board, then we use better locks on the cockpit door. When one door closes, another opens. Legislation will never solve future problems accomplishing the mission to keep us safe. But legislation will make the political author look good. He did something, constituents would say. Yes… he fed his ego and bought votes from those who don't have a clue how to stop evil.

So what are we to do against such evil? What stopped Loughner, the Ft. Hood shooter, 911's Flight 93, or the shoe and underwear bomber? What stopped any horror we face? The nude scanners? Police? The Feds? Homeland Security? Government legislation? No. Ultimately we stopped them. Us. Regular people. Individuals who took responsibility to protect themselves and self-less enough to protect each other. The true meaning of the 2nd Amendment is not to preserve hunting or shooting ranges, but to "bear arms", to protect yourself, to always keep your guard up. That doesn't mean everyone needs to pack heat. But it does mean for everyone to rely more on looking out for yourself than expecting government to do it for you and to pay attention to each other's needs rather than looking away.

If leaders want to sure up our defenses, they would remind us that being American is to be brave and stop injustices. It does happen. We tell our kids if they see a classmate being bullied, they are to not stand idly by, defend the weak or at least run to get help. We shake stranger's hands in church to make ourselves known to each other, making it awkward to drive by when the other has a flat tire or in need of help. From helping an elderly woman across the street while another slows to give them time to cross, to pulling her off subway tracks, while another grabs the conductor's attention, we do what we are capable of to help one another and ultimately ourselves.

Just as God has given us free will, the government ensures we keep it. Regulating kindness effectively is to destroy free will and freedom. We are Americans. Land of the free and home of the brave. Our leaders should be reminding us from time to time instead of us reminding them.

Do I wish Jared Lee Loughner had a 8 clip rather than 30? No. I wish he found love 2 days before his rampage.

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