Hope And Change?

President Obama is fixing to deregulate to strengthen the economy. Wasn't that a bad thing like extending the Bush Tax rates so rates wouldn't increase this year, in effect creating the largest tax hike in US history? Leftists like Keith Olbermann will spew vial rhetoric if this novel "Regan-esque" deregulation and lowering taxes scheme takes effect.

Does our President mean business with this business? Or is his radical change just an inflection point? Sounds more like a typical middle of the road political approach to mean everything to everybody. What do you think?


  1. I agree with you that it's all a bunch of nonsense meant to distract us from the other nonsense perpetrated by obama.

    As an aside, I don't mean to pull the rug out from under you, but Stilton Jarlsberg addressed this in yesterday's Hope n' Change when he pointed out that "review" (obama's term) does not equal "deregulate."


  2. Good 'ol Stilton beat me to it, eh? Well, "Hope N Change" is one of my favorites, so perhaps great minds think alike! Unfortnately for me, I'm a SLOW thinker! I posted a commet on that strip...
    Hopefully I still entertained you Tim...
    Thanks for reading!

  3. Thinking slowly is better than not thinking at all.

    And you're always entertaining...

  4. That Stilton guy cheats by using clip art and... hey wait, I'M Stilton! I meant "Stilton generously showcases the art of others."

    Funny that you named Keith Olbermann in your comments...just before MSNBC apparently showed him the door (or perhaps trapdoor). Maybe you should start mentioning Matthews, Maddow, and others and see if you've started a firing trend!

  5. No! They can't go. They offer great material...