The Nanny State of Love

Why is the Left the loving hippy and the right a cold calculated sack of greed? Look carefully at language, particularly the words, "special" versus "unique" for it is the equivalent of "collectivist" versus "individualist".

Every Leftist cause touts theirs as more special than the other. But if everyone is special, then no one is. Is there a Leftist chart that grades one over another? People are defined by classes and groups. Needs are blanketed to entire groups and classes, often by those outside of those groups and classes, in a kind of cold scientific categorization.

The right describes people as unique not special. Everyone can be unique, without taking away from another. Being unique creates self appreciation as you are essentially the only one of your kind, and creates appreciation of others as they are the only one of their kind. People are defined by their unique individual character, not by their collective class. Justice is based on each unique individual case, not whose side is a more deprived or higher ranking class of the week.

As God said to His children as well as all Moms asked by their youngest which child they love the most, everyone is unique, no one is better than the other and all are loved equally. If hippies were really looking for love over control, it was under their noses all along.

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