Socialistic Darwinism

Want a quick lesson why socialism will never succeed? Look at nature. It's amazing humans are the top of the food chain with "solutions" like socialism floating about. Government shouldn't concentrate on making things equal as much as making competition fair. Equal rules, not equal results. If you're God fearing, every Sunday you'll hear the message to find what your strengths are. These are gifts from God to escape that lion. If you're God-less, nature tells you the exact same message... just not as romantic. Surprisingly, Angie and Francis, Theists and Atheists should be on the exact page. A staunch conservative and Atheist friend of mine suggested the reason some liberals lean secular is simply to childishly egg the right. This also suggests, these particular liberals also recently co-opted Islam, not to support freedom of religion, but to also simply anger the right.


  1. Do you believe in social security, medicare, medicaid, and unemployment?

  2. In theory I think they're good ideas. But in reality the are not terribly efficient are they? Even our President thinks he can pay for a whole new medical system with the savings of fixing the old one. I wondered, if you can fix the old one, why do you need a new one? What do you think Mr. Anonymous?

  3. you haven't answered the question, do you think social security,medicare and medicaid should be done and disposed? I am not an advocate for the new medicare policy but I am not against the old policies. I am near retirement age and think that those programs are needed and by in large wanted by the majority of the country. I don't think you can say that all socialism is bad, just like you can't say all conservatism is good.

  4. Oh...

    I think all 3 should be privatized. It would be more efficient letting you control your money than someone else who knows nothing about you.

    You can't cut it off immediately as that would hurt people like yourself. And be especially unfair since you've paid your own money into the system for so many years. Really, that's YOUR money. Just as unemployment would be MY money should I need it.

    Such a transition would take over a generation. Maybe longer. For older people, nothing changes. For younger, they opt out. But where would the cut off be? Would we continue racking up debt to fund such a transition? This is why Obamacare is, as our VP said, a big f***in' deal. I'm not sure we'll ever get rid of it, no matter how much the GOP says "No".

    Given the two, socialism and capitalism, I stand by that socialism is bad compared to capitalism. All of it. For even the best socialism, executed to absolute perfection, fails. Capitalism, works well even done poorly.

    Now if we could execute capitalism well... then we got something. Good capitalism would ultimately absorb socialistic programs on their own. Concentrating on solutions such as that would be better than adding another government department.

    I wish you luck Anonymous. I hope some change comes soon for you. (Good change, that is.)