The Mid-Term Meaning

After listening to Obama's morbid speech on the election results the other day I have to say I think Mr. Obama was born not in another country, but on another planet! Truly he believes people voted the way they did because they were ill informed, that the White House failed in getting the message to the people, that Fox News is evil, that the government didn't spend enough money, or that Jupiter wasn't aligned with Uranus.

These elections are clearly a repudiation of Obama and Liberal policy. We may like him as a person, but we do not like his policy. Period. It can't be said enough. Or more simply.

Furthermore, the mere existence of the Tea Party is a repudiation on the old Republican party. America has always preferred policies of smaller government and individual freedom. In fact such view was the sole purpose of her coming into existence. These election results are not an across the board acceptance of Republican policy.

Of all the networks, Fox News seems to be the only outlet that somewhat understands the message. Jon Stewart Rally (or The Viacom Kings of Comedy Tour) blind assessment is that Fox is successful in telling a better NARRATIVE. Stewart actually said those words on Bill O'Reilly... "you've been successful in your narrative". Liberal supporters complain that Mr. Obama "lost the narrative."

Cable news networks don't tell narratives to the American people. Comedians, comedy writers and entertainment networks like Viacom do. Cable news networks REFLECT the American narrative.

Mr. Obama said being in the White House is alienating. That the more he leaves the White House the more he sees the American people, hears their stories and justifies his inflation of government muscle to help the classes. For such big ears our President can't hear very well. The American stories are confirmations of needing less government muscle. Of needing more government leadership. Simply, of needing more encouragement not mandates.

Volunteer charity is a virtue. Forced charity is theft. If the President can't hear and see that narrative, perhaps in 2 years he could spend ALL his time outside of the White House.

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  1. It is amazing, isn't it, that obama and his cronies truly believe that we just aren't smart enough to understand the blessings they have bestowed upon us.

    The mind boggles...