Behavior Kills, Not Bombs

Israel has no crazy contraptions that scan your innards or sniffs your crotch. They profile behavior, not confiscate liquids. As we say, guns don't kill people, people kill people. It's the person who is dangerous, not a sharp "spork". Their lines are shorter and boarding planes efficient. Their safety is perhaps unmatched or at the very least as good as ours. But here, bureaucrats are squeamish at the idea that people can be evil and singling out one person could raise eyebrows. Instead we, as Angie here, must all share the wealth of discomfort rather than adopt an efficient and effective "Israelification" of our airports.


  1. Very true. When political correctness goes to far, everyone pays the price.

  2. "bureaucrats are squeamish at the idea that people can be evil"

    How true. I wonder what the reaction of 'progressives' would be if Hitler emerged today rather than 70+ years ago.