The Glutenous UnHappy Meal

Here come the food police! First stop, beautiful (and liberal) San Fran. First causality... some kid's toy. Who are the glutenous ones here?


McDonald's vice president for nutrition and menu strategy, Karen Wells, said that denying a toy to a child would undermine the authority of parents to decide what their children should eat and would be difficult to execute.

Cynthia Goody, McDonald's nutrition director, said there was no evidence that childhood obesity would be reduced by requiring a fruit or vegetable with all meals.

In response, a supervisor asked what mix of foods would lower childhood obesity. Goody said she would need to conduct more research to provide an answer.

The Happy Meal ordinance is not all surprising given San Francisco's famously liberal leanings.

"San Francisco has a reputation — and it's well deserved — of being a very progressive city," said Alex Clemens, founder of Barbary Coast Consulting, a local political communications firm. "With that comes naturally, hand in hand, a reliance on government to encourage thoughtful change — that's just tradition."


  1. Are you making a pun about wheat gluten?

    Don't you mean gluttonous?

  2. @ Anonymous:
    Actually it was a typo. Usually when I get an email that I've spelled key words like Atheism wrong, I'll correct the strip, but keep the link to the strip the same, so no one may even know the error.

    In this case, "glutenous" makes even more sense than "gluttonous"! So as artist and pop culture icon Bob Ross says, "There are only Happy Mistakes!" I'll leave it, but acknowledge you, Mr. Anonymous for the catch and co-author!