Constitutional Compromise?

The Left views the Tea Party as fiscal whiners, but recent issues; bailouts, ObamaCare, federal control of private industry, collectively paying the mortgage of another, weren't just fiscal issues but questions of Constitutionality. What's Constitutional? Do we take our contract with the government literally? Or do we base it on case laws and precedents? This crystalizes the stark differences between the current Left and Right political landscape. What is a contract if the contract is subject to change at the whim of another?

As Lando Calrissian said under breath, "This deal is getting worse all the time." The Tea Party is simply praying it's not altered any further.


When You're Right...

Inspired by this story:

The funny part of this gag is that some of my liberal friends didn't see what the problem was. I guess if you're as angry as Angie, then you're Right. If you're as oblivious as Francis, you're Left. And if you're frustrated like Mike, you're... what?


Separation of Comprehension

Today's strip has little playfulness, seeing the gag wrote itself. Tea Party candidate Christine O'Donnel was laughed at recently during a debate with established Democrat Chris Coons in front of a room filled with lawyers after her simple question asking where in the Constitution is separation of church and state mentioned. The above explanation was provided by Mark Levin who apparently read the Constitution unlike the room of young lawyers. I would have thought it was there myself, but I have the excuse of being a dumb cartoonist not dedicated law as lawyers and established politicians are. It's strange how general knowledge like this is warped into something totally different if it suits your needs. And it's a shame most think O'Donnel is an idiot, when she knew better than the room filled with lawyers. Maybe the cable newscasters will explain such facts objectively for us... That way we wouldn't have to rely on dumb cartoonists.


Crazy Care

Just a friendly reminder a 2700 page bill without a single page addressing tort reform is virtually meaningless in changing the how our health care business is done.


Teacher's Unions Teach Failure

What's the underlying lesson taught here? Work hard, don't get rewarded. Work average get the same rewards as those who work hard. Be so cemented into the workforce that practically no matter what you do, you'll never be let go. What if teacher's taught the same way as Unions work?


The Glutenous UnHappy Meal

Here come the food police! First stop, beautiful (and liberal) San Fran. First causality... some kid's toy. Who are the glutenous ones here?


McDonald's vice president for nutrition and menu strategy, Karen Wells, said that denying a toy to a child would undermine the authority of parents to decide what their children should eat and would be difficult to execute.

Cynthia Goody, McDonald's nutrition director, said there was no evidence that childhood obesity would be reduced by requiring a fruit or vegetable with all meals.

In response, a supervisor asked what mix of foods would lower childhood obesity. Goody said she would need to conduct more research to provide an answer.

The Happy Meal ordinance is not all surprising given San Francisco's famously liberal leanings.

"San Francisco has a reputation — and it's well deserved — of being a very progressive city," said Alex Clemens, founder of Barbary Coast Consulting, a local political communications firm. "With that comes naturally, hand in hand, a reliance on government to encourage thoughtful change — that's just tradition."


Hiding in the Open

Usually communist supporters at Progressive gatherings are covert enough to make the accuser look like a foaming anti-liberal madman. But at Saturday's "One Nation" rally in Washington, it was blatant and out in the open. The event even supported by the Communist Party USA. They have every right to rally and speak their mind. But wouldn't this be a sign that the current direction the country is headed is kind of incorrect? How could the Left say in light of it looking like a duck, walking like a duck and quacking like a duck... it must be right wing media bias of bigots and misinformation?


The Hail Mary

Atheists claim hope is a kind of schizophrenia or mental illness. Belief in God is an abandonment of reason they say. And it's true. Faith is not reasonable. It is an illogical belief in the impossible. An oddity that separates man from animal.

We hold ourselves to such high standards that we cannot possibly hold true to them. But, it's that illogical reaching for the impossible that drives us. It's what dreams are made of. How we play the last 10 seconds of a seemingly hopeless game is what defines us. Do we run away? Do we go through the motions, wondering how illogically silly the attempt is? Or do we believe something truly amazing can happen, with a little faith? If you can believe in Him, all things become possible.

With separation of church and state, government cannot favor one religion over another. But Theism is not a specific belief, not specifically Christian, Judaism or Muslim, but rather a general belief in the Creator, God. Our Founding Fathers knew our rights came from God and that faith, along with facts are necessary for mankind's and our country's survival. Why then would the Left push Atheism and the complete absence of any notion of God in public life? For power. Faith gives us each individual freedom and power to pursue our interests not the specific interests of the collective. Faith gives us that "umph" to complete the task. There's a reason socialistic and communist societies removed God as it competed with the one true power, the government and collective thought.