Transformation Alright

My Libertarian friends, who promote individualism over collectivism to such an extent, site legalization of dope and hookers could raise so much money, our troubles of broke government could be a thing of the past. Moral society decay not withstanding, the idea faces the same fate of a VAT or Value Added Tax. Such a tax would tax you for spending money, not making it. The IRS would disband and tax dodgers would be forced to pay their share. Plus, you'd be able to control where you spend your taxes by deciding on which products or services to purchase.

However the dream is just that. Leftists wouldn't add a VAT with intention to remove our current tax system, rather to fund ever increasing government spending, they'd keep BOTH! Thus the Pimp and Dope Czar would decay society from within our souls AND wallet.

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  1. Isn't it interesting that the government is willing to tax businesses out of existence, but modulates the "sin" taxes (alcohol, tobacco, etc) to maximize their own share of the profits without discouraging the bad behaviors?