Stuck In Principle

Many Conservatives including Carl Rove look for a sure win in primary voting.  He questioned Christine O'Donnell's recent GOP primary win would result in defeat for the general election.  Other Conservatives including Rush Limbaugh look for the candidate with clear principles, focusing on the overall picture.

The best road is never the easy road.  The reason America is going in the wrong direction is due to a lack of clearly defined overarching principles.  The only way to get on track is to support principle, even in the face of great adversity.

Ironically our president understands this, even saying he'd rather be a one term president than compromise his principles.  It's only a shame he's heading in the wrong direction with wrong principles!

Check The Jimmy Z Show. In hour 2, Mr. Z reads some "Angie" 2 cents!

1 comment:

  1. Rove is a master strategist who is good at winning the game of politics. But the "game" has got to come to an end...not just because we want it to, but because the insane spending and impossible-to-fulfill promises have our country on the verge of complete collapse.

    We must stand on principle. And by doing so, we'll also shape the kind of candidates offered by the GOP.