How Would Jesus Vote?

This strip was written a June of 2010, over a year before President Obama recently preached Jesus would want higher taxes on the rich.  I decided to amend this blog entry with this more recent presidential antic.  My favorite internet radio show, The JimmyZ Show had a segment on the President's breakfast prayer. While Jimmy Z and I differ on some political views, we surly agree on this.  Here's my retort:

First, I'm angry.  Not because this tactic will work with the right or independent voters.  But because the Left will say, "You see?  Jesus would want this!"  The same left who either does not believe in Jesus, follow His teachings or at most selectively follow His teachings.  The right will retort as Jimmy Z has, "You can't use Jesus to sell your left ideals!"  Leaving the left to say "Well you use religion to sell your conservative ideals!"  President Obama is not just engaging in class warfare, but religious warfare.  Yet, people laughed at Rick Perry's claim of a war on religion...

Before I get into this born again Christian tax policy, I ask what does mommy tell little leftists when they were young?  "Mommy, I want to get a tattoo.  My friend Johnny got one..." "Well if Johnny jumped off a bridge, would you want to as well?"  If using religion to sell conservative principles is wrong, then using it to sell a leftist tax policy is equally wrong.  Not the lesser of two evils, but equally wrong.  Hear that leftists?  Obama is as evil as any bible banger.  If that can't be, then those bible bangers are just following what they believe as the President.  Which is it?  I'm tired of Leftists using RINO mistakes as excuses for their own.  That's not a logical debate.  That's child logic.  I thought leftists were Harvard grads and conservatives were Mountain Dew drinking hillbillies?

Now then... the tax policy Jesus preached.

For anyone who actually paid attention in church, Jesus never preached a tax policy.  In fact, He was not a political figure.  His lessons were for the rich to voluntarily give to the poor.  Those without money should give time.  Those without money and time should offer prayer.  No one is "entitled" for "God helps those who help themselves."  Even if a crazy religion preaches to kill for God, it says to do so of your own free will.  Free Will is a part of all religion, good or bad.

Forcing individuals to do anything, whether right or wrong, is not God's way.  Let's look at this logically.  Is God not all powerful?  Couldn't God make us do the right thing?  So why is there evil in the world?  Why did God choose to be a hands off God?  Well, that's the point.  Humanity owns it's own life.  We own our destiny.  This gift of life is God's gift.  But God owns our soul.  We are to live our lives in praise of Him.  Choose well and be rewarded, if not in this life, in the life to come.  No one can claim your reward.  It's yours and yours alone.  Choose poorly and be punished, if not in this life, in the life to come.  No one can claim your punishment.  It's yours and yours alone.  Not your parents fault.  Not societies fault.  Yours.  Every individual has a choice.  If you should stumble... we all do being human, then we are called to forgive each other.  Not judge.  Forgive.  This is the meaning behind baptism; To wipe clean our sins.  You wonder what sins a baby committed, but it's not literal.  To sin is human.  It's in our blood so to speak.  The cleansing of sin gives us a fresh start.  From that moment on, that baby... that individual... has a choice.

For those Atheists out there... free will is necessary to exempt tangible proof of God.  If there were no free will, then we'd see tangible evidence of God steering our lives, actually forcing us to do his will.  Not a feeling believer's have in their hearts, but an actual big hand reaching down and up-ending people like Warren Buffet, shaking him down for money for the poor, especially after he files for his tax breaks.  Well, not Warren Buffet because he's a Leftist and exempt from the Occupy crowd... maybe the Koch brothers... because somehow Buffet is the lesser of two evils.  I guess Warren's mommy let him get that tattoo...

What Jesus wanted, God's will... is choice.  Choice is the very foundation of The United States as choice begets freedom.  The most valuable property a man can own is his own life.  Men are free to own their destinies, to choose to be the kind of individual they want to be.  Freedom, choice and the "hand's off" relationship God has with man is the template for the relationship between the new government the founding fathers created.  This relationship is the reverse of any previous government.  While there were many revolutions before the American Revolution, what makes our exceptional is not that we are better than everyone else, but that for all antiquity, society was to be served by the individual.  Government's purpose was to enforce this.  For America, government's purpose was to enforce society to serve the individual.  Never a 99% mob rule, but a protection of that 1%.  Before you think of those horrible Warren Buffets and Steve Jobs- I mean Koch Brothers and Bill O'Reilly's think of homosexuals and blacks.  If the mob was allowed to rule, then when 90% of staunch Christians  or the south votes against gay marriage or for slavery shouldn't the minority yield to the mob?  Or do we protect the 1%?  God is integral to America, for believers and non-believers so long as freedom is their pursuit.

Forcing individual choice is not God's will nor is it conducive to human nature.  It is tyranny.  It is leftism.  Jesus does not want that.  Mr. President, go to church and next time... concentrate on God's message, not Reverend Wright's message or the message of the mob.  Jesus would have wanted that.