It IS Black And White


  1. I have been waiting for this!!!! Well said!

  2. Thanks!

    And how unfortunate that it WAS said! What's going on here?

    I may be giving away some future comic strip gags and certainly the introduction to an Angie Book, but every dilemma the US faces... every single one, needs but only one question to answer:

    How may the free market fix this problem, with little to no hindrance of individual freedom?

    A 5th grader reading about the US government can see this country was built on that one question posed by our founding fathers, simply put, a bunch of free business men.

    Progressives lean the polar opposite and ask how may the Government fix this problem?

    Depending on where you lean in-between, Blue Dogs or Rhinos or whatever, you may feel some problems might only be fixed through government.

    For example can the free market fix terrorism? (I know a few Libertarians who say yes!)

    Then the issue is how much individual freedom are you willing to trade? Some purists say none. Some say a little. Some... unfortunately proven yesterday, say lots.

    These are exciting times. Freedom always prevails! (Hopefully sooner than later.)