Failing Too Big


  1. Why isn't anyone commenting? These are all outstanding!!!! MORE!!!

  2. Right-Wing Libertarian,
    Thanks for your complements and more so, thanks for your service!
    Noticed your blog knocking a "one world government". I agree... but Francis wouldn't! (To answer, what happened to exceptionalism? It's not PC of course!)
    Comment here or email me daveredlcartoons(at)gmail(dot)com your point or argument. It may end up as a comic strip!

  3. Hi Dave!! Thanks for the kind response. I saw these through one of my friends, (and now I can't remember which one...maybe Goomba News Network(?)). Anyway, I HAD to follow!! ... these are much too good not to!

    Agreed on the PC invasion. One of my core beliefs is that American Exceptionalism doesn't have to be arrogant. In fact, it is one of the things that makes us such a compassionate, charitable people. Lib'rals only see the negative.

    Take care my friend and again, thanks...