Health Care is a Human Right... Right?


  1. when you're unable to function because of an
    ailment( whatever it would be) that you can't afford to get treatment for, you'll see how
    much you care about eating, driving, or owning anything. that is such a stupid argument straight out of hannety's mouth.

  2. Anonymous,

    Don't be afraid to leave your name, I won't bite! (Besides, if I had more insight to your thoughts, I could put it in Francis' mouth in a rebuttal strip!)

    Anyway, I partially agree. When you're unable to function because of an ailment you need help. The US has provided that help for quite some time. It's called Medicade.

    "Medicaid is a U.S. health insurance program that provides care to qualifying people who cannot pay for their own medical expenses. Medicaid covers hospital stays, doctor visits, emergency room visits, prenatal care, prescription drugs, and other treatments. Medicaid is jointly funded by both the federal government and each individual state."

    But also for quite some time, Medicaid is struggling and many who need help can't get it. Is it corrupt? Is it poorly organized? Is it messed up some another way? Yes, yes and yes.

    The US needs Medicaid so we can't and shouldn't dump it... but to create a whole new government health care system along side the existing problem as the only solution?

    That's the argument. We should fix the problem first. (Easier said than done, I know... Politicians, left and right haven't been able to fix Medicaid since it's creation.)

    But let's be positive. For if we fix Medicaid to run efficiently, it would serve as proof and model for a universal health care plan! Then again, if it ran efficiently in the first place there would be no argument...

  3. I really am enjoying the comic strips. Keep em coming and keep doing what you do!